Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tap into your Energy Field for Clarity, Peace, and Well-Being

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Dr. Susan Shumsky bio
Dr. Susan Shumsky will give us a preview of her just-released book “The Power of Auras.” Her new book
tells exactly how to tap into the power of your own energy field. All 10 of her books provide simple clear formulas for self-healing, clearing negative emotions, even how to hear the voice of God, and so much more. For over 45 years, Dr. Shumsky has been a pioneer in the human energy field since her work with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru of the Beatles. Her techniques are applicable to whatever religion or belief system that you practice. During our interview, she will teach us how to actually sense your aura and how to build spiritual protection. Working with your energy field increases power, balance, focus, and clarity and releases negative energies, attachments, and addictions. Discover how to find your deepest resource for self-sufficiency and strength during these challenging times. We all are capable of healing ourselves, our families, and others. This book will show you how!

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Dr. Shumsky's websites

Travel with Dr. Shumsky to experience sacred places around the world! 

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"The Power of Auras is a thought provoking, educational and amazing journey into the world of the human energy…I highly recommend it."
--Uri Geller,

Recipe of the week    

Awesome Apple-Sauce
  • 5 apples with skin - coarsely chopped
  • 1 Tbsp sunflower oil 
  • 1/4 c raisins
  • 1 Tbsp cinnamon
  • 1/8 tsp cardamom
  • 3 Tbsp chia seeds - ground fine in a coffee grinder (thickener plus protein!)
  • Greek yogurt
Sauté the apples in sunflower oil in a pressure cooker or heavy pot. Add remaining ingredients. Add water to ½ inch below the top of the apples. Pressure cook 5-min. Let sit 10-min. Or simmer 20 minutes in a pot. Put all in blender. Serve hot or cold with dollop of Greek yogurt!

Meditation for the week

Color Meditation 
Abbreviated from the last chapter of The Power of Auras
(transcribed from 49:57 – 56:08 min)

  •    Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And let it go. Take a deep breath of divine love. Breathe in and release. A big deep breath of relaxation - breathe in and let it go. Let us now let go of all cares and concerns of the day. Just settle down into deep relaxation. 
  •    Let us now breathe in a green colored light which saturates all areas of the body. Let’s let go of all tension. Breathe in green colored light and release tension from your eyes, eyebrows, space between the eyebrows, temples, your jaw, neck, shoulders. 
  •    Then just take a deep breath of blue light and go much deeper. Let the shoulders drop. Let go of your back. Your upper back, your lower back, chest, stomach. Just let go of your arms, hands, legs, feet. Your whole body. 
  •    And just take a big deep breath of violent light and relax. Breathe in violent light. Relax your entire body and settle down into deep relaxation. Peace, peace, be still. Be still and be at peace. Peace, peace, be at peace. Be still and be at peace. 
  •    Now let’s be aware to expand from this physical body to your higher bodies that surround your physical form. Become aware of your vital body which surrounds and permeates this body. Breathe in a red light of prana into the vital body. The vital body of radiant light is filled with pranic energy coursing through your nadis and your chakras bringing life energy to every nerve and cell. 
  •    Take a deep breath and go even deeper and just become aware of your mental emotional body that permeates and surrounds your vital body. This body of multicolored light just settles down to inner peace and quietude. Just breathe a soft orange light into this body. Let go as your mind becomes peaceful and serene like a still pond without a ripple. Your mind is quiet, still, radiant, and relaxed in perfect peace. 
  •    Take a deep breath and go even deeper. Breathe in and let it go. Then be aware of your intellect body breathing a gentle yellow light into this body. Moving through any ego barriers that have separated you from the divine light of God’s love. 
  •    And then just take a deep breath going even deeper. Walking through any seeming barriers that prevent you from experiencing your true nature of being. Allowing yourself to fill with the radiance of divine love. That is your true home. Your true self. Your true divine nature. Allow yourself to merge with and become one with your radiant body of light which is the divine presence within you. 
  •    And we now give gratitude to God for this beautiful meditation. Knowing that we are filled with the white light of God’s love, peace, and presence. We are filled with the blessings of spirit. So we come forth from this meditation in great gratitude and joy. 
  •    In order to come forth from the meditation, what I would like you to do is to pretend that you are blowing out candles. Just blowout three or four candles. Coming out of the meditation just blowing out the candles. All the way out to inward and outward balance.
  •    Then just say out loud, “I am alert, I am awake, I am inwardly and outwardly balanced. I am in control. I am the only authority in my life. I am divinely protected by the light of my being. Thank you God and so it is!”

Dancing album of the week

Fun album and kids like it! 
Best two dancing songs are 

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