Monday, November 18, 2013

Learn the Inner Science to Succeed

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Ma Nithya Maneeshananda Swami
Bliss or Ananda (in Sanskrit) is our birthright. Ananda means overflowing joy. The ancient Vedic science, which is thousands of years old, holds many secrets to be established in the experience of Ananda. These sacred secrets have been successfully passed on from Enlightened Masters to their direct disciples for generations. Ma Maneesha is an ordained teacher of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam – the worldwide mission of Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda 'Swamiji'. Ma Maneesha shares the transformational teachings of the four powers, imparted by Swamiji, that remove the irritations in our lives and supercharge us to lead healthy, successful, and blissful lives. Learn how to breathe A.I.R.E. and take responsibility to consciously rebuild and enrich your world. Ma Maneesha co-ordinates the 21-day Inner Awakening course conducted by Swamiji each month, which is available to anyone seeking to make radical life changes. Learn more at Concurrent with the IA course is the eNgenius course for children 4-14 years old. In December, IA and eNgenius are held in beautiful Bali!
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Are you stressed? Have relationship issues? Having difficulty attracting wealth? Have problems with your health? Want to know the purpose of your life? Ma Maneesha will be on my show Nov. 19th AND Nov. 26th. She has made herself available to answer your questions! Please send your questions to Louann at core-herence dot com or just add your comment below in this blog.
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I love this Discover Qi course!
It's easy to do with kids as a way to get
them back into their bodies and off the games.

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Inner Awakening monthly class for teens and adults.
Level 1 and 2 at a center near you via two-way webcam.
Levels 1-4 in the live presence of Swamiji.

eNgenius class for children 4-14 years old concurrent with monthly Inner Awakening

Main website of Swamiji's mission

Free on-line books
Living Enlightenment, Bhagavad Gita, Guaranteed Solutions, and much more!

1000s of  hours of youtube videos  by Swamiji - many from past Inner Awakening courses

Ma Maneesha in this youtube webinar discusses "How to identify your root pattern"

Ma Maneesha in this youtube webinar shares the 4 powers for a blissful life "Breathe AIRE: Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, and Enriching"

Recipe of the week    

Quick Kale Soup for 4

Since I have been doing the Nirahara Samyama liquid-food meditation, I have gotten pretty creative with blended soups!

4 handfuls of chopped fresh kale with ribs removed
½ block of tofu
1 chopped apple (peel left on)
1 tsp yellow curry
2 tsp coriander, black pepper
¼ tsp sea salt
4 c water
2 Tbsp brown rice vinegar

Place all ingredients except vinegar in a pot. Simmer 5-minutes with lid on til kale is slightly wilted. Place all in blender. Add brown rice vinegar and extra salt or pepper if needed. Serve hot. Very warming in cool weather!

Daily Meditation for one year!

Meditation for Completion (to be done before bed)
POWERFUL meditation to blast away your stress!
(Listen to the last part of show to hear Ma Maneesha guide you in her voice - a powerful exchange of energy and understanding!)

  • Please close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your breath. Inhale deeply and slowly. Exhale deeply and slowly. Experience the Prana Shakti - life energy that’s moving in and out of you with every breath of yours.
  • Now, look into any one conflicting situation of your life. You can take a most recent conflict, as recent as what happened to you last night. Take one conflicting situation of your life and bring forth all the characters in that situation. Relive that situation as if it is happening now. 
  • With closed eyes, look into that situation. Experience that rewinding, replaying right now. As you are looking into it, relive that situation just as if it is happening for the first time now. 
  • So as you are living that situation you will see that you are there in that situation. Connect with the you that you are there in the situation. Experience what is happening inside you as you are going through that situation. 
  • Look in with awareness and see what are the thoughts happening inside you. What are the words that are happening inside you and outside you? What are the feelings and emotions happening inside you? 
  • Now, with total awareness and a commitment to be in the space of completion applying the cognition or understanding of completion, ask yourself, “What would I do differently if I were to experience completion in this situation?” And, you will see the answer is there. 
  • Whatever that is needed for you to experience completion, bring in and replace those thoughts, those words, and feelings which will allow completion to happen inside you in the same situation. 
  • Slowly, very slowly, you can open your eyes.
When you practice this daily, I am finding that I am doing this closer and closer to the time when incompletion happens. Finally you decide "I chose to have only positive experiences." Then you fall in tune with what is and your stress is gone! Problems become challenges. Life becomes a miraculous adventure of continuous expansion!

Dancing album of the week

Heard this on Pandora.
Funky devotional sanskrit chant to dance to!


  1. Please feel free to post your questions for Ma Maneesha here by Wed. Nov. 20 at 5pm PST. You can also email them to me at

  2. How do I allow my brain to connect with my advice to others to do the same? How do I break up the barrier to listen to my self, so I can cure my thinking process and actions?

  3. Thanks for your post! Sit quietly and listen to yourself first to see what comes up. Do the completion meditation (described above) each night to remove inner conflicts. Only when you take your own advice can you speak from the experience to offer advice. Its easier to offer advice to others than to take it yourself because the 2nd choice requires so much more effort on your part!!! Gandhi said to be the change you want to see. Also we project our inner conflicts on the world and it reflects it back to us. When you remove your conflicts, simply your view of others will change.