Monday, October 7, 2013

Find Beauty in Conflict

by Dr. Louann Tung: President of Core-Herence Coaching
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What can possibly be beautiful about conflict in relationships? We try to avoid conflict because we don’t like feeling bad. Yet we seem to attract jerks that push our emotional buttons our whole life. Learn the reason behind this basic human condition! If we have so much relationship stress, why do we even get involved? If we are born to be blissful beings, why do we hate the stress of conflict? Discover Om’s Law™ and get the big picture! Raise your consciousness and apply the 4 sacred secrets to find your divine life! Get practical life solutions you can use to supercharge your life!

What is your biggest relationship conflict?
Please vent in the comment box! Thanks!

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Swami Nithyananda youtube videos (1000s of hours) on supercharging your life! He reveals the sacred secrets from inner world science from thousands of years ago and makes it practical for everyone to use today. A 'must watch' for our high stress lifestyle! 

Swami Nithyananda main website

A course from the makers of The Secret to help you go beyond The Secret!
My fav tip from this course is how to handle time. You cannot manage it. Just flow with it. Make a list the night before. The next day do each item without thought of the next item. Be fully present when you do each job. Otherwise you create an agitation of anxiety about not getting everything done! This is how you beat the feeling of overwhelm!

Recipe of the week    

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Don’t toss your Jack-O-Lantern – roast it!
My FAVORITE blender! 1-800-848-2649
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Start with a fresh 10-inch pumpkin from a pumpkin patch.
Carve face Halloween day. That night, cut off the face and cut pumpkin into 4 large pieces. Smear both sides with oil and water. Place on a large baking sheet with at least 1-inch sides. Add water to keep the pumpkin moist. Slow bake at 325 for 3 hours or til pieces collapse. After pumpkin has cooled, peel the browned skin from the flesh. Cut the flesh into 2-inch cubes. Put two cups at a time in a freezer bag then freeze. A 10-inch pumpkin makes about 10-12-cups which is good for a year of bread, soup, and smoothies. Just thaw the pumpkin and blend it.

Pumpkin pie smoothie recipe (vegan) from Oh She Glows
No dates? Substitute coconut sugar
Add 1 Tbsp Cafix (roasted barley) to give it a rich roasted coffee flavor without the caffeine. 
Top with whipped coconut cream!

Meditations for the week

Observe yourself in the act of using your 5 senses, So your awareness moves to inside of YOU and away from the sense object outside of you. Try this for several seconds to experience a pure space of peacefulness. Do it many times a day.

Poornatwa: Mirror meditation
Whenever you experience an irritation inside - a feeling of powerlessness like anger, frustration, depression - any suffering, then look at your image in the mirror. Go back in time to observe each time that emotion was triggered in your life until you can discover the first experience of powerlessness. Then relive this moment when you were that age - cry, scream, pout, whatever you did as that child. Next as an adult, visualize yourself being with the child and giving an understanding of what happened. Allow adult you to be with the child you until the negative emotion has shifted to a positive one. After your past and present cognition has taken the emotional charge out of the event, then talk to the people involved in the incident to get their understanding. If they have already died, then talk to them using your image in the mirror. To dig out the root of your irritations, you have to relive the event to relieve it! Do this every evening after reflecting on your day.

Dancing song of the week

"Born to be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez

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