Thursday, September 5, 2013

Living Enlightenment: My Story

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Enlightenment is lived as a Path not a goal. I started on the Path when I stopped blaming the world for my stress and started taking responsibility for my life. In this first episode, I expose my life to you so you can learn from my explorations and my mistakes –the best teachers! My friends of over 20 years have commented how much slowly I have aged compared to them. Listen to my sacred secrets! Find out how a nuclear engineer became a HeartMath coach and now radio show host. Learn how an experiment (voted most beautiful physics experiment ever!) conducted in 1961 created the bridge of awareness between science and spirituality that can change your life forever! Welcome to Quantum Principles that Supercharge your Life!

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Well, this was my original intention for content but the conclusion to this story will have to wait til Sept 10th.

I mentioned Autobiography of a Yogi  a spiritual classic since 1946. I recommend the blue covered version as it is a reprint of the original 1946 version. I love having the book near my bed but you can read this spiritual classic on-line too! As soon as you finish the book, magic happens!!!

Recipe of the week                     
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Dandelion Slushie
  • 4-5 leaves of grocery-store dandelion (backyard dandelions are too bitter)
  • handful of red or black seedless grapes
  • handful of crushed ice plus cold water
  • Blend!
Dandelions are super healthy  - read here 
Even their scientific name means 'official detoxifier' especially for your liver!
All parts are edible.
Even the flowers in your yard taste good! 
Eat your dandelions  - don't herbicide them!

Meditation of the week

Bring awareness to your thoughts

Our minds are like a crazy monkey bitten by a scorpion and possessed by a ghost!
Our minds are simply the composite of all of our thoughts - our inner conversation. 
But we can actually live without all this chatter!
The first step is to become aware of the chatter in just 5 minutes!
Take a paper and pen down all your random thought for the next 5 mintues.
You will see how random and disconnected your thoughts are. 
Just like boisterous kids in a classroom settle when the teacher walks in, 
so too your thoughts per second or TPS will go down as you simply watch
them without judgement. 
Try this and post what your discover!

Songs to help you dance in the kitchen!

I am an old rocker and love these songs when I am working or to just kick up my energy! Dancing burns your negative thought patterns too!

Please post your favorite dancing songs!

Jump into the Fire by Nillson (7-minutes of  heart pumpin' and hips swingin'!) 

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